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Otokoç Otomotiv - SAP Financials Module Specialist, İstanbul | Koç Kariyerim

Otokoç Otomotiv
İstanbul, Türkiye

Responsibilities and Qualifications

A World Full of Goodness, Success, and Innovation awaits you at Otokoç Otomotiv. If you want to be included in a World Full of Future, lets meet!

Otokoç Otomotiv, which was established in 1928 as the first investment of the Koç Group in the automotive sector and started the history of automotive in Turkey, today; Otokoç, Avis, Avis Filo, Avis Filo Maestro, Budget, Otokoç Insurance, Zipcar, Otokoç Used Car, otokocihale.com, is Turkey's largest automotive retailing, car rental and car sharing company serving with Otokoç Parts and Lastick brands.

Under the roof of Otokoç, new vehicle sales, service, and spare parts services, wholesale spare parts sales, insurance and financing, accessory sales, used car vehicle sales, and vehicle protection systems under the Ford, Ford Trucks, Volvo, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, and Maserati brands, in short offers all automotive solutions to the customers under one roof.

In car rental, short-term rental with Avis and Budget brands; Operational leasing with Avis Filo, also known as fleet leasing; Fleet management with the Avis Filo Maestro brand; With the Zipcar brand, it offers hourly rental, that is, car sharing service, to the customers.

Continuing the activities at nearly 400 points in 9 countries, including Turkey, Greece, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Northern Cyprus, and Northern Iraq, with the vision of " Being a global and leading reference point developing innovative mobility solutions ".

You too, have adopted the organizational agile working principles, giving importance to equality of opportunity and inclusiveness in the candidate and employee experience; If you want to work in a working environment that defines the values of development, innovation, cooperation, sincerity and transparency as the indispensable values of its culture, you can review the announcement details below and apply.

Our position where we invite you to join us: SAP Financials Module Specialist

If you say that you have a strong analytical side and make target and solution-oriented work a priority, and if you keep your curiosity alive with new information every day, you should take a look at the details of the advertisement!

So, what responsibilities does the SAP Financials Module Specialist take on at Otokoç Otomotiv?

• Coordinating the go-live process and providing usage support by testing the software changes that have been developed

• Preparating of documentation for the realization of the detailed functional design of the business needs analyzed with the related demands, the business requirements targeted within the scope of the solution, together with the business units

• Completing of the first technical tests of the developments

• Preparation of documents in accordance with software development procedures

• Providing first-degree end-user support

• Preparing end-user documentation of SAP processes and providing trainings

• Repetition of existing process trainings, providing trainings for new processes when necessary

• Creating and updating of authorities and roles by taking into account the processes owned by them.

• Follow-up of changes to be made in SAP processes for which one is responsible, follow-up of periodic business plans

• Preparating of technical analysis documentation with the business unit for additional improvements and new demands

• Supporting and solving problems (adaptation, communication with the consultant, etc.) for the perfect implementation of owned processes and solutions.

• Creating the technical documentation of the requests for outsourcing solutions together with the relevant units and managing the change process

• Managing the adaptation/development works to be carried out with the consulting companies; Ensuring internal customer coordination by providing communication

• Performing technological needs analysis of business processes that may occur after live

What are the Required Qualifications?

• Bachelor’s degree in relevant fields preferably

• Strong human relations and communication skills, able to work in coordination with other teams

• Great business tracking and reporting skills

• To have an analytical point of view that pays attention to details

• Advanced documentation and presentation skills

• Excellent command of written and spoken English

• Proficient in MS Office programs

• At least one of the SAP FI/CO/TRM modules; have at least 3 years of experience as a consultant or responsible for module support

• Preferably proficient in ABAP software language (debugging, reading code)

Also, what do we promise you in this world?

  • Flexible Benefit
  • Koç Pension Foundation Membership
  • Koç Family Card Membership
  • Complementary Health Insurance
  • Private Health Insurance (Optional)
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Food and Service (Lunch Voucher and Cafeteria)
  • Birth Package and Nurse Program for Newborn Baby
  • Free Car Rental and Paid Leave Gift for Married Employees
  • Social Assistance Package

How Do Our Recruitment Processes Proceed?

Our recruitment process consists of the following stages. Our process length varies according to the position. We want you to know that at the end of the process, we will inform you according to your suitability for the position.

  • Application
  • Preliminary assessment
  • Telephone and face-to-face / online interview
  • Inventory stage
  • Reference research

For this and more, you can access all of our open advertisements on Koç Kariyerim, Kariyer.net, Linkedin, and Youthall pages.

Don't forget to follow our Otokoç Career social media accounts to be informed about the most exciting developments about us!

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