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Supplier Technical Assistance Team Member, İstanbul | Koç Kariyerim

Ford Otosan
İstanbul, Türkiye

Purpose Of The Role & Responsibilities

  • Drive Flawless Launches at all brands (Schedule A, Capacity Planning and Verification, PPAP (Production Part Approval Process), supplier process AIMS-Automated Issues Management System issues resolution).
  • Drive continuous improvement in manufacturing excellence throughout the supply base.
  • Manage the progression of key suppliers to achieve Q1 and manage the deployment of the Q1 process and disciplines.
  • Drive deployment of Quality performance requirements, initiatives and training to supply base in STA tools (e.g. Warranty Reduction, Benchmarking, Lean Manufacturing, Reliability and Robustness, G8D (Global 8 Disciplines) methodology, PFMEA (Process Failure Mode Effect Analysis), SPC (Statistical Process Control), Gage R&R (Repeatability and Reproducibility), etc.) as required.
  • Provide new location manufacturing feasibility evaluations and Quality data to support sourcing activities through candidate supplier selection.
  • Maintain Quality-related database for assigned suppliers.
  • Drive closure of supplier process Quality issues related to J1+ serial production activities for Stop Ship/Build, common cause & complex BSAQ (Balanced Single Agenda for Quality) projects, Fie) and Field Action Stop Ship/Prevent Action
  • Support resolution of special cause supplier process BSAQ (warranty-related) projects.
  • Drive SIM (Supplier Improvement Matrix) process compliance and STA/Product Development Matched Pair Plan.
  • Leading Supply-Base throughout industrialization activities that are particularly being managed at start-up business partners as well as experienced sites who are first time industrializing a key product / commodity.
  • Support & Lead cost estimation studies with purchasing team.
  • Do value for money @ commercial studies for facilities & tools with purchasing team. Actual audit for tooling cost at supplier site.
  • Take part in price negotiations along with buyers in purchasing team.
  • Drive supplier risk management activities through utilizing special auditing tools.
  • Support ongoing studies to do with GD&T discussions & documentation along with purchasing functions.
  • Take part in To4 Evaluation & Verification of P2EC Quotes
  • Support SMRT audits by way of utilizing a standardized checklist as part of Q1 attainment studies.
  • Tracking down suppliers' delivery performance metrics and guiding in management of issues' resolutions & disputes on SUPERG.
  • Conducting thorough capacity analysis at suppliers in case capacity ramp-up, production stoppages, labor shortages, and other emerging situations.
  • Working closely with product development teams to generate solutions and ideas to support marketing functions.
  • Examine trends and industry developments to identify new business opportunities to support marketing functions.
  • Support vertical projects within product development, IT, finance and sales teams.
  • Develop good relationships specifically with product development, IT and other departments in order to follow the workflow.
  • Keeping fully up to date with the automotive sector development to support marketing functions.

Technical Skills and Competencies


  • At least 2 years of experience in STA and/or manufacturing / quality areas
  • Being proficient in English when working with global teams & worldwide supplier partners.


  • Bachelor's degree from reputable universities, master's degree in relevant discipline (MBA, Management Engineering) is an additional asset.
  • Knowledge of various manufacturing processes of the key component commodities.
  • Knowledge of problem solving as well as quality systems and tools.
  • Behavioral Skills and Competencies
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Excellent in teamwork, planning and organization skills
  • Leadership skills to be able to better manage the widespread supply-base
  • Fluent communication, result oriented, proactive approach, problem solving
  • Strong ability to quickly take in a large amount of information, connect the details to the bigger picture, analyze and draw conclusions.

Technical Skills and Competencies

  • Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously and react to changing priorities
  • Can-do approach, result oriented and strong problem solving ability
  • Excellent quantitative and analytical skills

Role Location

  • Turkey or Abroad (Depends Heavily On Suppliers' Locations)
  • Need to Relocate or Mobility
  • More than %90 travel, %10 office hours depending on the team events.

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