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Project Engineer - Hardware

Eskişehir, Türkiye

The core of our success is unity and our team spirit. We inspire each other every single day. We respect our people, their ideas, expertise and perspectives. We know each person is a value.


At Arçelik, a trusted lifestyle solutions provider to the digital household, we are all for changing the world for better. We treat life of nature with respect. The starting point of our technology is sustainable development. We believe the diversity of our people is the driving force of our innovative culture. Each of our employees are unique and the quality of our products and services begin with the quality of our people. Our more than 30.000 employees around the world give power to our future.


Apply and let’s grow, respect, lead together


A workplace where we improve and renew every day


What awaits you in this role?

We are looking for a passionate Project Assistant - R&D department who will join our team at Hardware team.

  • •    Will design HW of mainboards, displays, illuminations, and inverter boards and implement to refrigerator projects
    •    Developing, maintaining and improving Hardware architecture to ensure fast and efficient execution of electronic projects,
    •    Improving and maintaining field-oriented in our products globally or other electronics applications,
    •    Using appropriate tools and test methods to ensure fully functional and robust HW to integration into platforms,
    •    Translating technical/sub-system attribute targets into module/components targets,
    •    Creating modules/libraries and facilitate reuse of knowledge globally,

    •    Will design main cable as 2D and 3D and harnesses and implement on refrigerator projects.
    •    Will define most reliable and robust connectors, terminals etc. of harness design.
    •    Translating technical/sub-system attribute targets into module/components targets,
    •    Will improve new techniques on harness design and connectors of refrigerators,

    •    Collaborate closely with Cable producer sub-industries and global connector producers. 
    •    Collaborate closely with Procurements team and Production teams.

The position is located in Eskişehir


How we describe the perfect match?

  • Bachelor's Degree or 4th grade studentin Electrical-Electronics Engineer, Electronics Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering or Electronics Engineering and Computer Engineering
  • •    Minimum 1 year experience in MCU Based Electronic Circuit , Embedded HW and PCB Layout design.
    •    Having experience in Electronic Simulation and PCB design softwares such as KiCad, Altium, Eagle, Ltspice, Powersim.
    •    Having Basic Knowledge of EMI, EMC, Electrical Safety Standards.
    •    Knowledge of electronic components and semicondutors
    •    Having Basic Knowledge of Data Acquisition and Test Systems.
    •    Having experience of 2D, 3D Harness Design (NX Routing, AutoCAD),
    •    Excellent verbal and written skills in English 
    •    Having desire to solve problems 
    •    Understanding needs of the market & customer, 
    •    Having the desire to do team work, 
    •    Recognizing and understanding emotions of other people, 
    •    Listening different perspectives and showing flexibility, 
    •    Building collaboration, 
    •    Clear in communicating thoughts and ideas. 
    •    Knowledge of standard for harness design, connector, terminal etc.
    •    Knowledge of connector, terminal etc. technologies and test process.
    •    Having experience of main cable production and technologies 

We're an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, sex, color, national or social origin, ethnicity, religion, age, pregnancy, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, marital status or political opinion


 What do We Offer?

By being one of the “People of Arçelik”;

  • A friendly environment that is supported by endless coaching and mentoring of our senior team members.
  • Start your journey on your first day and get the support throughout your whole Arçelik journey.
  • A working environment where you can challenge yourself, take responsibilities and get the opportunity to be part of many projects.
  • An open working environment in which you can share your ideas and bring them to life.
  • While working remotely, we got your back! We support you with portable modem and internet connection.
  • Chill out coffee places to pamper yourself at the office.
  • Enjoy our high-quality home appliances with your employee discount


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